The Portavita Anticoagulation Module supports the use of Vitamin K Antagonists in three different ways.

These are:

  • The traditional treatment of patients from whom venous blood is taken: patients can visit a blood test desk or can be visited at home by a trained nurse.
  • Self-management: these patients measure themselves with a POC device and, if trained, propose a dosage.
  • Near-Patient Testing: patients in care institutions are measured with a POC device by¬† trained healthcare staff and dosed by the anticoagulation clinic.

All those involved in the anticoagulation treatment can be authorised to make a specific contribution. The level of authorisation depends on the different roles and responsibilities  allocated to the relevant health care providers. This allows you to delegate specific tasks to those parties who are most appropriate to carry out such tasks.


  • The monitor screen shows the condition of a patient at a glance.
  • Management reporting displays insights on a patient level, practice level and regional level.
  • All data that have been registered can be used to support the financial process.
  • The Portavita Anticoagulation Module can be integrated with other Portavita Care Management Modules, like Diabetes, Asthma/COPD, CVRM, Palliative and Elderly Care.
  • Communication is provided through HL7 interfaces with hospital and laboratory information systems.