There is a growing demand for a platform to support the cooperation between all parties who are involved in the (health)care chain, in order to enable the delivery of (health)care when and where it is needed.

The Integrated Care System (ICS) of Portavita can be implemented on a needs-based approach that meets the requirements of the local, national and regional impact of a given health issue.

Rural areas for example, often suffer from a lack of access to healthcare. Residents of rural areas need to travel greater distances to access different points of the healthcare delivery system. There is also a shortage of healthcare professionals in rural areas.

The Portavita Generic ICS supports the cooperation between all parties involved, by using the following components:

  • Forms: Structured forms (base form, week form, medication schedule, team meetings, consultations sheet, individual care plan, etc.) for the rapid collection of data. The use of these forms also allows you to analyse statistical information. External documents can be attached.
  • Lists: the workflow module allows the delegation of tasks - even across all institutions - and assists in the coordination of the planning, as well as in the optimisation of care processes.
  • Diagnosis catalogue and medication plan: this includes documentation of diagnosis and a drug plan.
  • Communication: there is an integrated message function.
  • Upload function: this allows you to upload PDF-documents.
  • Archiving: the modules also have an integrated archiving solution
  • The integrated Individual Care Plan: this is a plan in which healthcare providers and other involved parties can identify and work together on problems, goals and actions.
  • The Self-management Module: this allows patients to have access to their personal health information, to add information to the system and to share this information with all relevant health care providers and caregivers.
  • The Management Reporting tool: this displays insights on a patient level, practice level and regional level. All data that has been registered can also be used to support the financial process.

The ICS can be easily adapted to the way your healthcare is locally organized. In-depth IT knowledge is not necessary, and investments are relatively low.