Several Anticoagulation Clinics are making the transition from venous blood sampling to finger prick blood sampling. The Anticoagulation Clinic nurse uses the CoaguChek Pro II of Roche Diagnostics.  CareXS develops solutions for  safe and responsible use of the medication.

In order to fully digitalize the process, the CareXS application is enhanced with the anticoagulation module. With the CoaguChek Pro II the INR can be measured directly without needing   laboratory analysis.

By scanning the QR-code on the meter, the INR is read into the CareXS app. If there is a notice, the employee is led through a menu to register this. The information is automatically processed into Portavita, the health management platform used by the Anticoagulation Clinic. The dosing department determines the new dosing schedule.

The Portavita Anticoagulation App can be used in combination with the Roche Diagnostics meters. This video shows how the INR from the CoaguChek INRange is imported into the Portavita Anticoagulation app via the Bluetooth connection. The patients can go through a notification menu, send the information directly to the anticoagulation clinic and and see their dosage.

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Anticoagulation POCT process in practice in the Netherlands.

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